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Rumors and Rants about Dwight Howard

Before the season started who would have thought that the L.A Lakers would have 19-25 record halfway through this year’s NBA season. Having added Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the system to play along with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace, this is not exactly how things were supposed to be.  Injuries may have a significant impact for the Lakers early this season but in the surface it’s the roster that isn’t playing well together for many reasons. 

A week ago, Kobe Bryant blames himself for not shooting well after losing three consecutive games against the Heat, Raptors and Bulls. Howard even thumb noses at his shooting stats leaving teammates feeling awfully uncomfortable. However despite this recent adversity Kobe Bryant played unselfish basketball against the Jazz and west giant OKC Thunder averaging 17 points and 14 big assists in these games, playing a team game making it a well balanced offensive ball club.  

However, despite these recent victories Lakers will still have a long road to go. Kobe Bryant may have changed his own game to a “play making role” - has started to involve his teammates to climb up to the score boards but will they make it to the playoffs? I think the answer will now depend on how Dwight Howard will continue to evolve as a team player for the Lakers. Trade rumors has now started when Howard hinted that he is not comfortable with D’antoni’s system and might take the chance to move on when he becomes a unrestricted free agent on July.

Plus, what’s exciting about this is how on point and straightforward Jeff Van Gundy’s rant about Dwight Howard during the second quarter of Lakers win over OKC last Sunday. The rant was well received by Lakers fans on Twitter and had many applauding the semi-monologue by Van Gundy in the second quarter of Sunday’s game.

On Van Gundy:
“He’s let everybody know at nauseum that his back hurts OK, and that he is not 100%.
That’s not what people are upset about.

They’re upset about his waffling constantly on everything. This idea that he has to have less touches now? You’re the one that wanted out of the situation in Orlando where you were the featured guy. So this is what I‘ve ascertained that would make him happy:

Highest paid player, on a championship caliber team, first option offensive threat, in a big market, with no pressure, no responsibility and no one to prod him from a coaching standpoint.
Where do you find that in the NBA?

What he should do is say, ‘I wanted out. I wanted here. I’m going to make it work here.’
You should not have to beg a NBA player for energy, effort and unselfishness. Because you are not getting touches doesn’t give you the right to hold your team hostage by not giving your very very best.”

Since Kobe is now playing the right way, is it about time to hold Howard Accountable?

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